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BancoSol taught how to save to more than 16,000 school children

Pagina Siete reports something that is very useful for our children!

BancoSol taught to save more than 16,000 school children

2013-10-07 11.53.58 amFinancial education of BancoSol program trained more than 16,000 school children in the cities of La Paz, El Alto, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz, with which several months before the end of the school year exceeded the planned goal for year 2013.

Until last August, 106 school units of these four cities opened their doors to Anita, Carmelo and Dino the saver, the characters of the workshop “Reaching your dreams” through games, dynamics and specially designed materials for effect, taught the features and the importance of saving and, in addition, encouraged the formation of this habit in the student life.

“We are fully satisfied with the achieved results. The reception of the children, teachers and parents exceeded our expectations, since in all the cities we visited more schools and trained more students than we had initially planned”, said the Marketing National Deputy Manager of BancoSol, José Luis Zavala, during the evaluation of the results of the program under his supervision.

Santa Cruz was the city with the most successful performance, since it was not only the first to achieve the set goal, they exceeded by about 15%. Cochabamba and El Alto had a similar performance, since they closed in August with an advance of 105% and 103%, respectively. In La Paz, the workshop had the distinction of reaching intermediate cities accompanying the mobile Agency of BancoSol’s work, so training transcended the urban and peri-urban area of the central axis.

An important peculiarity of the program is that it was totally free to school children and led the training to school tax and private units. According to Zavala, they cannot rule out that in 2014 the program will reach the capitals of the nine departments of the country.


Education and good habits are key for our children’s future!