Daily Archives: October 26, 2013

Bolivia would be better if current president would just do nothing!

Manfredo Kempff writes for El Deber:

May His Excellency do nothing

Manfredo KempffI hope that does not happen to H.E [His Excellency], to do nothing to improve justice in Bolivia, because if he will be committing the same rants as ever, things will go worse. The only thing that the Bolivian justice needs, is to be left alone, get its independence that foresees the Magna Carta, that the masistas do not get their hands back into court proceedings, and obedient prosecutors stop causing panic in the population, that the law is not threat nor blackmail against the citizens.

It occurs to H.E. to tell us at this point – when José María Bakovic is hopelessly dead – that he is [now] concerned about justice in the country. What a novelty! Isn’t it that for nearly eight years that there are warns about that justice is the worst thing that Bolivia has? So that H.E. can do nothing before the Majesty of the law that do not obey it? So friendly is it? What a swindle!

The masistas took over the justice long overdue, and to secure his side had the brilliant idea of electing judges through popular vote. It was a crappy because applicants had been selected previously by the MAS. However, Bolivians overwhelmingly cast the null in those elections votes, as rejection, but, despite everything, the ruling imposed, as new redeemers, some gownsman little lawyers, unexperienced, ambitious and submissive to power. Did you know nothing of that H.E.?

After Guillermo Fortún and José María Bakovic, what can be expected by Leopoldo Fernández? What can ‘El Viejo’ expect?, who already has one foot in the grave? What about syndicated cruceños as separatists in a crazy and ruin trial? H.E. says that “the only time” that he pressed justice was to release the fans of Corinthians [Brazilian soccer team]. And processes against Doria Medina appear from the air? And the multiple trials against Ruben Costas? And the trials against Juan de el Granado? H.E. don’t know anything? He ignores that his favorite Minister said Leopoldo Fernández will be buried with worms? Given all that, he still wants to convince us that he was concerned about justice and that we must improve it? Precisely who has put it under his footstep?

No thanks. Just leave it well, because at the [opportune] time the whole nation will know how to delete from the map those obedient and opportunistic judges who have the gall to boast of having been elected by the popular vote. This cannot continue for a long time more. It should not, in any case.