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Under current ochlocracy, Bolivia lost the state-of-law!!

Carlos Toranzo writes for Pagina Siete:

Non-existence of the State of law

Carlos ToranzoWho, who accepts the rule and follows it? In our country, who accept the laws and respect them? It seems that no one or very few. On the contrary, we have entered to the whirlpool that all counts, the total disregard and violation of the laws and of the political Constitution of the State. We are in an environment of total collapse, there is no sense of existence of the rule, everyone can do what they want, the law does not exist in the head or in the habit of Bolivians. Some approve some norms and themselves do not respect them, before violating them on a daily basis; others believe that the approved rules are bad and therefore there is no need to respect them.

What everyone does is deemed legal by themselves, while is classified as illegal whatever others do. The Bolivian custom indicates that what I do is well, however, is not what others do, habit that applies the law. There seems to be an implicit agreement between the society to accept that everyone must violate the law. But what is more serious is that we are in the jungle, we live in it, because it is only worth the “law” of the strongest, that has some power; Moreover, if he has power is very powerful, then the law is handled with discretion which corresponds, and benefits to the owner of the power.

Cambalache [old Argentinian tango, its lyrics have certainly a message…] is nothing to describe what is happening in the country, not only to live in the Kingdom of the immoral, as the tango says, but that cynicism has rapidly entered politics. The forms are no longer cared for nothing, or for lying, either in private or in public. There are no flushing for breach of ethics, now the policy “ethics” is worth, the one that does not respect moral principles, only the logic of power. Not only that there is no sense of existence of the norm, but that each day is more visible, the collapse of institutions; institutionalization is not only chipped, but more serious, it was deeply damaged and in the verge of more deterioration.

What is what is legal now in Bolivia? How much legality does the empowerment of Evo Morales as a candidate for upcoming elections is? What is the legality of the program Bolivia changes Evo complies, does the Comptroller audits these costs? What is the legality of a census without having an update mapping? What is the legality of the executions at the Las Américas Hotel, in which the evidence was killed? How much legal is the staging of the events of the Porvenir [massacre]? How legal are the accountability of Ministers who report to the plurinational Legislative Assembly, in which all of them leave applauded? How much legality is there and there was on Sanabria and Ormachea cases? Is it legal to continue hiding the results of the study of coca? Are all the lynchings which are justified under the eaves of the Community Justice’s legal? How much legality is there, that does not judge the murders that occur for years in Chapare? Is it legal for the Comptroller to have a partisan color? What is the legality of using State resources to buy key-witnesses? Is it legal the use of public resources in acts of the MAS [perpetual electoral campaign]? Where is the institutionalization of the Electoral power of the Judicial Branch, where is the validity of the checks and balances of the powers of the State?

The rule of law has been lost, and how is it not going to be lost, if for years it was accepted that the President says: I just do it, albeit illegal, and that lawyers legalize the illegality. The Government does not respect the law, the State does not respect it, nor do the social movements respect it. Does it matter that there is law, but no one observes it. All that implies that the  coexistence between all Bolivians is in danger everyday. The Government with confrontational language and the disrespect of the law leads to a breakdown of democracy; citizens should avoid that.

Carlos Toranzo is an economist.


A great analysis by Toranzo, had this president leave today, we would reconstruct our society in at least 50 years… this damage must be accounted for and these cheap politicians should be outcasted!