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Coca, cocaine influence in current Bolivia is unquestionable!!

Carlos Valverde describes how the coca leaf – narcotraffick is affecting Bolivian public life…, Carlos writes in El Deber:

It is no wonder

Carlos ValverdeIn September 2002, coca growers from the center of the country carried out a violent blockade of roads against the forced eradication of coca and the demilitarization of Chapare, among other demands. In that conflict were killed, after being tortured, David Andrade and his wife, Gabriela Alfaro (pregnant), the sergeants Gabriel Chambi and Silvano Arroyo and other two soldiers. The fact remained unpunished.

In October 2013 in Apolo, coca growers of Yungas resisted the ‘surplus’ eradication of coca. Police Jhonny Reynaldo Chura Quispe, sergeant major of the army Oscar Girondo officer, a non-commissioned officer of the Bolivian Navy, Willy Yucra Mamani, and physician Michel Olivares Albas were killed in that conflict. There are detainees. I’ve no wonder of what happened and I think that all of this has a logical sequence in time.

The idea of the MAS was always that the ‘fight’ for the right to grow coca is the essence of the cocalero movement; in it the reason for its existence is based. Years of the resistance mechanism of coca to development and alternative development plans were the central ideas of the speech of Evo Morales; in the fight for ‘dignity’ in defense of coca there is everything: policemen and killed coca-growers, that logic is that is maintained over time, so there is nothing rare in what happened on Apolo. Coca and his violent defense made him President.

Finally close the stupidity, Leonilda Zurita said that before “it was different,” because the eradication of illegal coca forces were led by the U.S., while now actions correspond to “democracy”. This clumsy justification of the deaths of the past (she has not learned that the country lives 31 years in democracy) will hardly convince the violent coca growers who are not willing to stop planting what they know gives them money and power against power.

Frightened by what appears to be unstoppable, the President came out to say that the cries of “Long live coca” or “Coca or death”, is out of fashion… Wow!, kill and be killed was a fad… such as clothing, music. What other ‘novelty’ leave us now?


And so is the ochlocracy been known slowly…