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Bolivian ochlocratic central government through the humor lens!

Here a few cartoons from Bolivian newspapers that portray our daily ordeal under this ochlocracy:

Tipnis La Razon 27 Jun 13From La Razon, June 26, 2013:

Portrays how current central government relentlessly and in complete disrespect of mother nature and indigenous communities, which they say were to respect, still persists on cutting the TIPNIS in half, right through the middle of OUR National Park and the Isiboro Secure indigenous land. The leaders of the TIPNIS continue to be harassed as of today, October 6, 2013. They cannot leave their facilities as they will be arrested and prosecuted… government’s wrongdoings clearly show that it was plain demagogue when they said the MAS and current president were respectful of the environment.

coca El Dia 8 Aug 13This is from El Dia, August 8, 2013:

Despite current president’s remarks with international media, that he is a campesino leader… he neglects to recognize at those fora that he is the supreme leader of the coca growers of the Chapare, illegal coca by the way, which ends in the narcotraffick. This cartoon shows how these government portrays the coca as being “saint” while cocaine is evil’s drug; a drug which is impacting negatively on Bolivian and foreign citizens as well.

ego El Diario 1Oct13This is from El Diario, October 1, 2013:

We see current president going after the head of Human Rights in Bolivia, as the latter waves the Constitution…

The appointment of this public defender, was to be held in a transparent way, however, this president said that he regretted for having selected him… and accused him of being politically aligned with the “empire” and the Bolivian right-wing. This only shows that this ochlocratic leader will use anyone to his own advantage, whenever anyone like this Human Rights’ defender contradicts his excellency’ wishes, will get outcasted.

tx El Diario 5Oct13This is from yesterday’s El Diario, October 5, 2013:

A dialogue between the economics minister and one of the opposition [looking at the cartoon, looks like a former ally of the government…]:

“… how could we fight against poverty…? it is so difficult!…”

“Easy!… the formula is to ask for taxes to the new rich. The cooperative miners, coca growers and the smugglers”

This last sentence alone demonstrates how biased and anarchic has become our Bolivia!