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ECLAC notes strong rise in public spending in Bolivia… yeah… but?!

Pagina Siete reports:


ECLAC notes strong rise in public spending in Bolivia

ANSA / Buenos Aires

2013-10-14 04.51.13 pmThe Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLAC) noted “a strong increase in public spending”, especially in Argentina and Bolivia, but also in Paraguay and Ecuador despite the “cyclic fall of their income”.

Analysis is included in a report on the impact of the international crisis in the region and where the entity designates that the economy of Latin America and the Caribbean grew about 2.5 percent during the first half of 2013, compared with same period of 2012.

According to ECLAC the recovery of the growth of exports is higher in exporters of agro-industrial products (Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay) and least in exporters of hydrocarbons (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela). In Peru, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay “have been equally growths above GDP, while in Brazil the expenditure of the central Government increased slightly as a percentage of GDP, influenced by the marked reduction of the payment of interest in the last few quarters”, looked at the Commission.

The tendency to the decrease in the prices of raw materials is explained mainly by the slowdown in China’s growth, although there is “some recovery in the value of exports in the second quarter of the year, showing a growth of 1.7%”. Nevertheless, they are still high with respect to the time of the financial crisis.


What ECLAC neglects to see is how absurd, illogical and demagogue is current public spending under current ochlocratic Bolivian government. Just take a look at most of the posts in this blog, and you’ll be as disappointed and frustrated as I am. Let alone the ridiculous and corrupt illegitimate re-re-election… current P instructed all public officials to use 50% of their timt in the campaign…