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At last some coherent remarks made by Bolivian entrepreneurs: ALL people MUST pay taxes!!

Report El Diario:

Its President proposes equal taxes

Entrepreneurs ask that all pay tax to the country

2013-10-25 12.04.32 pm“Everyone must learn to have tax culture and that culture tax must go through the ability to organise and pay taxes as in any society,” said Daniel Sánchez.

“The only thing we ask is that taxes are equal for everyone,” said yesterday the President of the Confederation of Private Businessmen of Bolivia, Daniel Sánchez, by way of making an approach to the Government which, in the past few days, has been analyzing the future law of mining, in which, there is the possibility of freeing the mining cooperative sector of any form of taxation.

In a statement to journalists, Sanchez considered, basically, that the Government cannot exceed with tax pressure and on the contrary, it should work to generate “best conditions to achieve more revenue and higher taxes to be paid”, said.

On the tax issue, he urged the Government to “be equal for all” and that “no excesses should be registered in tax pressure towards any specific sector”.

The journalists made a question in reference to a possible tax break in the sector of the mining cooperatives that is in discussion on the projected Mining Law.

For Sanchez, “everyone should have the same rules and laws. The law has to be even for some and different for others. It shouldn’t be harder for one or more tender for other sector”.

Aside from the cooperative sector, those who do not pay due taxes are informal food vendors, artisans, coca growers, farmers and several other informal sectors. “Everyone must learn to have a tax culture and that culture tax must go through the ability to organise and pay taxes as in any modern society,” he concluded.