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The Bolivian myth of October 2003 MUST be destroyed, we NEED the truth!!

Enrique Fernandez describes superbly the origin of current ruling ochlocracy… this is basic to understand Bolivia’s ordeal, writes in El Dia:

October 2003, a myth to destroy

Enrique FernandezBefore the speeches proliferate, demagoguery and the threats to the United States, we should speak without fear. We are accustomed to see the facts misrepresented to legitimize an unworthy power; along this road, lies are hundredfold around the ruler. As a result, to proclaim the truth becomes hard, worse still when the polls have served to facilitate the cover-up. Because who gets the glory thanks to the deception, so this mild, it will make it nearly impossible to defend it. His version of the story will seek to become a worship, criticizing the exposure that can devastate. No matter that there is the possibility of being challenged, as the heroes of the critical spirit; they are committed to disrupting any background. The terrible thing is that, without interest level of improbability, its believers grow over and over again. In this way, the devastation of the myth is a mission that brings with it a massive rejection. However, it is plausible to speak and try to rectify the mistake. Perhaps someone will realize how bogus are the foundations of the prevailing project.

Sanchez de Lozada was toppled by subjects who despised democratic rules. Those mortals longed to exercise their judiciary; however, it seemed intolerable to wait during the years conferring the presidential mandate. In his opinion, the requirement of respecting a period established by law was foolish; the rise was imperative. It is correct that, after the fall, they postponed that usurpation, agreeing a truce with who governed this country. It was not a moral retraining to what caused that consequence, but the preparation of the absurdity. Needed more time to deepen the chaos and, simultaneously, to set measures that would destroy the work raised so far. Soon come the time of incurring a new revolution, that phenomenon which will never result in minor damage. As in the ancient world, barbarism led a crusade against what little true attachment to the rationalism had strengthened. During this period of gestation, they had to simulate their taste by Republican formalities, as well as respect for the citizen. We would not have to wait too much to notice how monumental was his imposture.

Although groups and intellectuals of left had prominence on the Defenestration, not stop the nationalist revolutionary movement and its allies without guilt. Many militants of the ruling party did not hesitate to prosper at the expense of individuals who make up this society. I do not think that there is a single man capable of claiming an absolute honesty. It is known that many members of these forces increased their heritage thanks to the larceny. Corruption was not invented by the current Government; the masistas have been only more impudent ones. On the other hand, I note that, with some exceptions, mediocrity was the common denominator in this bureaucracy. There was the ordinariness of the multi-country times; however, the exceptional was to be lucid. On several occasions, the public spaces were the scene of disputes that denied our rationality, as stupidity reigned without problems. It is irrefutable that, when its practitioners have a very low range, to protect the standards of rule of law is difficult. The ideal would be that the parties themselves will be connected their sanitation, excluding who had no ethics or democratic culture. This prodigy did not occur in any of the factions that had validity.

A decade after the coup, the chance of the economy is useful to deceive us. International prices and the manufacture of drugs prevent the idiocies of the regime originate its change. As it is known, only a minority have interests that transcend the material. However, it is necessary to point out that the evils of ten years continue with life. Even having a minimum of openness, we tend to recognize its aggravation. Today, in government agencies, the impertinence encourages the pride of being corrupt, autocratic and imbecile. Not interested in their verbal revolts; Since the 19th century, the vices have remained unchanged. More nonsense has been attempting to the elimination of the past to start a supposedly original era. This is the tale which founds its romanticism around the overthrow of 2003. In order to consecrate it, they are not reluctant when each October, the dead be used as banners. The strange thing is that nobody accuses them of having caused their death. Nothing hopeful has emerged from such an event. If any value is to remind us that are still countless people willing to celebrate the victory of the recoil. I add that, while the coup leaders govern, Justice will be inaccessible.

* Writer, philosopher and lawyer.


We are indeed under ruling ochlocracy as ever!!