Bolivian political reality forces us to howl!!

Maggy Talavera writes in El Deber, a vivid description of how bad Bolivian citizens are enduring current central government, and they seek an illegitimate re-re-election…

It is time to howl…

Maggy TalaveraI still do not absorb the horror of the bomb that exploded at the Palmasola prison. It still overwhelms me the resignation of Raúl Peñaranda to the management of Pagina Siete newspaper. Bothers me until today the imposition of the disputed results of the 2012 census of population and housing. And between the ‘shock’ of facts, dozens of others that are not reasons for major headlines, although not for this reason are less important: the corpse of Clavijo which isn’t Clavijo; mother and daughters killed in Cobija and express kidnappings that are hidden, and there is more, many more reasons to shout “is time to howl!”.

Howl, to give howls, screams of fright and weariness, of impotence and courage at the same time. Howling is necessary, urgent, not just as a relief, but rather as a voice of order to leave the passivity aside or break the fear that paralyzes us, and then begin to protest against so many absurdities, to denounce so many impostures and act accordingly to defuse bombs until they burst, prevent abuses and any excess of power, and prevent fraud before they are blessed and carried on. Nothing can be worse than silence in moments that demand howls, as the times that run today here, in Bolivia, like those already seen recently in Brazil.

I speak of howling in the sense given to the word howl by José Saramago, back in the year 2007. The Portuguese writer said: “Is time to howl, because if we allow ourselves to be carried away by the powers that govern us, and we do nothing to counter them, we can say that we deserve what we have”. I am sure that today, as five years ago, it is time howl, to counteract the powers that govern us, both in the little house as in the large nation, I am convinced, moreover, that we do not deserve the fate that we are running now, as a society, at the expense of bombings such as the ones in Palmasola, that of Pagina Siete, the Census and more.

Unless, of course, there are others who enjoy the fear caused by these and other bomb blasts, triggered by injustice, abuse of power, handling and never banished sectarian and personal ambitions of any kind. It is very likely that there is more than one person that enjoy it. But even so, and despite it, I cling to the idea that there are more mouths who want to howl than prefer to remain silent. I say, convinced as I am that Bolivia and the Bolivian people deserve more and better than what we have [now].


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