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Are there too many impostors in Bolivia?

Maggy Talavera writes in El Deber:

Impostors and impostures

Maggy TalaveraThe saying, “so much falls the drop into stone, until finally breaks it”. And I say, it seems that Bolivians are made of solid stone, because while deluge fall over us, not drops, nothing breaks us. I use the saying figuratively: the drop is an imposture and the stone, us. So many floods of impostures falling over our daily stones, and nothing happens! I start to believe that we receive so much of that kind of drops, that the stone which bears us like skin, has been capable of generating a resistance that verges on the submission.

Following the reflections of Andrés Gómez, journalist and director of Erbol, about been lackey and free person, I would also say that this submission of being a stone confronted by the impostor drop, is transforming us increasingly on subjects rather than citizens. That is, beings without autonomy, without rights and without voice, but with the vote, subject to the will of wrens or shift bosses, rather than on citizens, free beings with rights and duties, able to discern between a leader and a wise, between a sham and an authentic being, between manipulation and the truth.

I feel and say this in lieu of recent times. An avalanche of impostures has fallen upon us, unless we come up with a reaction as we should do, to not let us be drown and crippled. Except for a few drowned stamping, nothing happens. And our inability to unmask the impostors and to curb the impostures we are paying increasingly more expensive for that ‘its OK, nothing happens’. So these are repeated and multiplying like loaves, as we have just seen in 2012, so far away from the projection of the INE, the census data with the ‘photoshopped’.

It is not fantasizing or exaggerate the protest against the imposture of the INE, which feeds at the same time of the impostures of the Government and those of his subjects or lackeys. The facts are so compelling, they can be much more than ‘palatial’ fiction built on lies. Or someone believes that we have fallen nearly 5% to less than 2.5% in the growth rate of the population from 0 to 14 years old? Or that the towns of Warnes and Montero have almost the same population? Or why Cotoca has grown 100%, while Santa Cruz de la Sierra has only increased in little more than a hundred thousand inhabitants in the last 11 years?

There are other examples that they prove that after the official data of the Census announced a new flood of impostures. The big question is, would the rock that Bolivians have inside, finally break down, or will it feed its ability to withstand?


Excellent view on our misfortune… say NO to the illegitimate re-re-election!