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Ego at its best… just like the old dictatorial regimes… meet the “leader”

This is from El Deber, August 4, 2013:

2013-08-05 09.45.35 pm

It clearly displays a mandatory order to Bolivian media, to broadcast the effusive and “wisdom-like” speech of current Bolivian president… or else…

To listen Castro, Chavez and now Morales spread their sapience is nothing more than a cult to their egos… I remember when there were military governments, all radios had to broadcast, at the risk of being placed in jail or just shut down forever…

Well into the 21st century and we embark in this cheap politics… what a waste, what an insult to our freedom; freedom to choose what to listen and what to do… not too long ago, same individual said that people shouldn’t wear expensive clothes… enough with this charade, we must say NO to the illegitimate re-re-election!