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TIPNIS ongoing ordeal thanks to current Bolivia central government…

An interesting editorial by El Diario:

TIPNIS peasants drama continues

2013-08-27 09.46.32 amThe drama lived by the peasants of the indigenous territory and Isiboro – Secure National Park (Tipnis) and because of that, all the Bolivian population continues to suffer. While these peasants have the support, understanding and moral support of the entire population of the country, their grief continues and seems to have no end. In counterpart, the Government has decided to build the road that crosses the reserve of the National Park who defend the inhabitants of that region anyway. They have not imported used arguments to prevent to be built, in the form originally projected, that path which, if realized, will cause much damage to the country and the ecological system in the world. [TIPNIS map is from ftierra.org]

The peasants of the TIPNIS have suffered all kinds of calamities, until the repression produced in the town of Chaparina on September 25, 2011, when not only was intend to run them over because they were demanding their legitimate rights, but that they suffered abuse of all kinds, abuse who have violated human rights and has not even contemplated the presence of elders, women, and children because it swept away all their rights.

What was suffered by the peasants of the TIPNIS under these circumstances has been and is a source of indignation of the entire population and until the international community has called for to recognize the rights of farmers [indigenous] who for generations have lived in those lands; protested about what would mean to cave-in plant wealth, animals and minerals that exist in the region; protested because all that ecological reserve deserves respect and consideration, not only of the Government but of the entire population.

tipnis-opciones-los-tiempos-3-jul-2011The truth is that all advanced so far in the case shows financial interests by exploiting petroleum, rich woods, excellent wildlife and, most serious and worrying, being the seat of new coca plantations used exclusively for the manufacture of cocaine. It is regrettable that “no one moves a finger of sympathy” for the fate of the farmers; on the other hand, insists that the road should be built “because that is the interest of national development”, when there is awareness that with a detour from the original road design, it is possible to save and preserve all that important and rich ecological region; but such is the insistence and, as it was given to understand by vested interests, that works will be executed. [the map with alternate/better routes for such road was published in an article by Los Tiempos, July 3, 2011]

Until there is no awareness of the reality that the peasants living conditions of the Isiboro – Secure National Park; and do not agree about the urgency of changing the original road design, the drama will continue, and whatever is done against Bolivian interests, it will only benefit foreign companies’ intent on exploiting that wealth and, in addition, will be of the benefit of coca growers and drug trafficking by the coca crops that may arise in the region.


Crystal clear!