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Bolivia is in fact a mestizo country! regardless of current gov’s delusions

Renzo Abruzzese writes in El Deber:

The State and the new middle class

Renzo AbruzzeseIf we assume the Census evidence, there is no doubt that the Métis presence is majority in the Bolivian social structure. The strength of this fact precipitated the reaction of the Vice President, who came to pass immediately and openly denied the existence of this cultural category. Reaction was due, no doubt, to the political-state outcome implications, as it affects, in principle, the organized element of the Aymara ethnocentric project which intends (with some success) to build the plurinational State. Indeed, if 64% of the population is mestizo, the indigenous-campesino social base for the State, is nothing more than a semantic trick, an Aymara state that is actually being built and held by the action of a mestizo social base, full power project hangs by a thread and, most seriously, to stick onto it will only lead the country to a State of exclusion very much like the one that dominated the Republic. García Linera realized immediately the impasse and decided to delete the reality, by being discursive.

The second element is even more disturbing: where do 64% came from? It is not a mere ethnic displacement, loss of identity, that percentage actually expresses a predictable product, the incorporation of a significant social segment which was incorporated into the national economy with legitimacy and without fear. What is called with some indifference as the rich ‘cholo’ became a middle-class mestizo. The act of incorporation revolutionized the economic, cultural, political and social expectations, the new middle class is stripped of all its fears, taking advantage of the new plurinational historical matrix and without giving up their own native and indigenous culture, decided to recognize as what they had always wanted to be: a first class citizen, a mestizo.

Among other things, I believe that these are at the core of the phenomenon, deny them is useless, here as according to Marx – are always – capital laws which define the fate of social classes. The story is not made out of good intentions. That the ‘vice’ be alarmed and protest, insult and threaten, it means nothing; the letters are cast and already said everything, Bolivia is mestizo by the grace of the indigenous-campesino themselves.



Crystal clear!!!