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Meet the real “self-proclaimed defender of mother nature”

A living oxymoron? a plain demagogue? or someone who just wants to take advantage of power, regardless…?

It is not hearsay, it is the same person who uses “concepts” without the slight analysis, distorting everything and sending the worst possible messages… and all of that just because he got the majority of the votes… no wonder he stubbornly and relentlessly seeks the illegitimate re-re-election.

From Los Tiempos:


Evo says environmental licences do cause harm

paraba La Prensa 3 Nov 11With the proposal that the environmental licensing should only be managed and obtained for large projects, the President Evo Morales addressed the country, in the Act of reception of projects for the program Mi Agua III, in Santa Cruz. He expressed also his annoyance against the fact that these are a requirement for projects to extend basic services, such as the construction of hydroelectric power plants. [macaw picture is from La Prensa, 11/3/11, as this beautiful bird flies across parks, cities, the absurd statement that “small” projects could be done without environmental assessments, is just plain stupid, environment can not be confined, it is connected to all life in this world, humans are part of the ecosystem, and this president self-proclaimed as defender of nature! does he know better, about anything?!]

Morales said that “for basic services, should not require environmental licensing, this hurts, is good for large projects, explorations, is a task and obligation (…) in vain we harm ourselves (…). There are some fundamentalist institutions who mess with the theme of the environment that make a fuss. Ultimately they harm the population”.

To ensure these basic services of water and energy, the President defended the construction of hydroelectric and thermoelectric plants, which some non-governmental organizations oppose – he said -. [one of the development lessons of the word, last century, was the long-term results for dam construction… this president should certainly know better, before he opens his mouth… he believes we are still in the cold-war era and that early-last-century’s developmental paradigms do still apply]

“As State, must ensure power and that’s with new hydroelectric power plants, thermal power stations with wind energy, with data we have we can put in Robore, another in Potosi, in Sajama, preliminary studies that would give results (…), but they don’t want that exploited, nor exploited or to be build”, said.


Badmouthing, sticky phrases, half-truths are the daily politics we have to endure… there is no half-death, once the environment is damaged, most of the time is irreversible! but how could we expect current central Bolivian government to learn, or acknowledge their mistakes? we’re in front of ochlocracy at its best!

I knew him from when he was a cocalero, and I met and worked with some of his party acolytes when they were in the Congress, they embraced environmental licenses, they portrayed themselves as indigenous defenders; history showed then and now that they just wanted money from the hydrocarbon and mining industries… they didn’t care for more. They needed the money to capture the attention of the CIDOBs, TURUBOs, OIChs, CIRPAs, CANObs of the lowlands of Bolivia, just to implant their presence, to capture power… and now they don’t sense the need for double standards anymore, they just want power/money… regardless of whomever.

Just to know this individual better… you can read about his “sapience” regarding corruption, from Daniel Pasquier in El Dia;