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Bolivian central gov’s aggression still unsolved: TIPNIS – Chaparina

A good editorial from El Deber:

Chaparina, new guidelines

El DeberSeptember will mark two years of violent police repression against the marchers in the Beni town of Chaparina, against Tipnis defenders, but there is still no guilty parties found. We still remember the Vice President of the State say that he knows who gave the order to beat, cuffed and gagging protesters, but then chose to remain deathly silent. His revelation would have contributed decisively to the pursuit of the truth of the thorny issue.

The mobilization of troops and aircraft, is attributed to a failed State as occurred in Chaparina, unless it is known who ordered it. The only authority that could have such a deployment was the Minister of Defense, Cecilia Chacón, who resigned after the crackdown.

The research that drives the Public Ministry follow a tortuous path, although new elements have been incorporated after the statements of the former Director of the Regime inside the Ministry of Government, Boris Villegas, who revealed that, in addition to police, there were military who infiltrated the indigenous mobilization, which was monitored and followed by military intelligence since the beginning. A female police officer, infiltrated in Chaparina, has been summoned to testify by the prosecution. The former official, who keeps detention, accused of being part of an alleged network of extortion with national reach, also told prosecutors that in the images of ‘kidnapping’ Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca, it can be shown police officers that were attributed specific mission of creating disturbances in the march. Another police people, were ordered to assemble a media ‘show’ upon their arrival, along with Choquehuanca from La Paz, to get support for the brutal action driven from the Government and the international condemnation of the marchers by having ‘kidnapped’ Choquehuanca. According to Villegas, the order that had to be met ‘yes or Yes’, regardless of the political consequences of repression, was given by the former Minister of Government, current Ambassador to the UN, Sacha Llorenti.

Compromising revelations of Villegas, the armed forces opted for silence and continued partying since the President declared them ‘Socialists’ and ‘anti-imperialism’ and ‘nationalist’ during the national anniversary, while Transparency Minister described as ‘lies’ the revelations of Villegas.

On the international day of the indigenous Peoples, the insult to the marchers from Chaparina still represents the dark chapter of an unresolved plot in Bolivia

Editorial Board: Peter F. Rivero Jordán, Juan Carlos Rivero Jordán, Tuffi Aré Vázquez, Lupe Cajias, Agustín Saavedra Weise and Percy Añez Rivero.


The so-called defender of Mother Earth and Indigenous people, certainly had other motives to have exerted such despicable aggression!

NO to the illegitimate re-re-election!

All our support to the TIPNIS people who fight for their territory and to protect OUR National Park.