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A great commendable Argentinian School regarding our Bolivian flag!

This exceptional news appeared in Opinion:

School of Argentina added to their events, the Bolivian flag

2013-08-27 08.54.43 amThe school events of Bernardino Rivadavia de Río Cuarto  now have two flags: that of Argentina, which presides over the ceremony, and the Bolivian, because 25 percent of the student population belongs to this community.

The establishment concentrates many children of Bolivian nationality for more than one decade. It is nestled in an area of farming and brick producers in which some working parents, are natives of Bolivia.

“We start recognizing the reality of discrimination in school, therefore we organize a project to work cultural diversity, not only for Bolivians, but also that we have in the country, with children of different neighborhoods, idiosyncrasies and cultures.” This flag is as a corollary of that work,”said María Rosa Risatti, Director.

Risatti ensured that the children of the Bolivian community have shown to feel more integrated.

Bianca, fifth-grader, explains: “as we have many classmates from Bolivia, thought to put their flag so that they feel more at home. We also play their anthem, but we don’t know by heart because it is long. All the Bolivian guys I know are good, a little quiet”.

The school has 300 students, many in a vulnerability condition.

In addition to sons of Bolivians, to school attend some descendants of the indigenous Peoples.


Thank you Argentina!