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Do Bolivians live in a lying country?… since when?!

Juan Jose Toro Montoya writes in Los Tiempos:

Lying Country

Juan Jose Toro MontoyaTalk about the sad role that the National Institute of Statistics (INE) had in the last census is already useless. The INEfficiency of the INE subtracted its credibility, period. From here forward, we will not believe it as before.

But, beyond that truth, the truth is that Bolivians, those who were counted in the ill-fated census, also have our share of guilt in the inconsistency that we now know as “official results”.

And it is that, without talking about the INEptitude of INE, we have to accept that many people, thousands and thousands of Bolivians, played dirty to the country.

Let’s see: a census of population and housing is an instrument with which recounts the inhabitants of a State for the purpose of using the results of that recount in administrative tasks, particularly in the distribution of national resources. From this point of view, the majority of Bolivians should have taken the call to the Census with a seriousness that we should not provide wrong information. That who provided wrong information?… well the thousands of migrants who did not register in the place where they live, but in communities where they originated from.

The clearest example I know is from my municipality, Potosí. Just a few days before the census, the inhabitants of Villa Victoria took the central building of the City Hall demanding execution of works in their area and only vacated it when they won commitments in this regard. When pollsters came to the area, found that the majority of the houses were empty or occupied by a person responsible for custody. What other neighbors reported is that the inhabitants of these houses returned to their communities to become count in those places. Based on data such as the payment of taxes, line level and other procedures, the Mayor of Potosi estimated that the inhabitants of the municipality should be at least 240,000. The official results of the census indicate that Potosi has only 189,652 inhabitants. In the light of these figures, the logical conclusion is that 50,000 people left the capital of the Department, waited to pollsters on their communities and became count in these. In other words, lied to the country and, on the basis of that big lie, amplified by the amount of people who did the same thing in other departments, we now have population figures that do not reflect our population reality.

If the deception was played by migrants, are where is the fault of others, of those who we have in the place where we really live? Our guilt is in assigning domestic resources on the basis of reports provided to misrepresentations. The tax money, that which is grouped into “tax sharing resources”, is distributed on the basis of the population existing in every part of the country. If the citizens that we simply wait for pollsters in our legal domiciles, not instill values of truthfulness in our children, how can we claim to others who are less educated to do not lie to the country?

The official census results not only exposed the institutional weakness of a State that is unable to properly retell their population every 10 years, but also the vulnerability of our families, those in which values weigh less and less and give rise to our societies accept as valid the anti-values such as lie, theft, corruption and even murder. Perhaps that is the reason why we are not even able to lower the high rates of citizen security.

The author is a journalist, national prize in journalism history


An excellent portray of how Bolivians are leaning to double standards… we need to come to our senses! To begin with, say NO to the illegitimate re-re-election!