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Drought wreaks havoc in Bermejo municipality

ANF reports in El Deber:

Drought wreaks havoc in Bermejo municipality

2013-08-07 02.22.57 pmThe sugar cane and citrus are the most affected, according to a technical report in that municipality

The technicians of the National Institute of Farming and Forestry Innovation, Civil Defense, the Governor of Tarija, the Vice Ministry of water resources and technicians from the Township of Bermejo concluded the assessment of damage to agricultural production caused by the natural phenomenon of drought which would have caused the loss of the approximately 50 per cent of the harvest of agricultural production.

Farmers affected by this natural phenomenon require the execution of projects of irrigation and micro-irrigation, the provision of agricultural inputs, seeds, fertilizers and seedlings and total forgiveness of debt by the Bank of productive development.

Juan Carlos Sangredo, National Institute of Farming and Forestry Innovation technician, reported that it has data and preliminary percentages of the assessment to the damage caused by the drought in 25 communities in the Township of Bermejo, which will be sent to the Ministry of Rural and Land Development, through a report signed by the Mayor of Bermejo, the technical committee responsible for the evaluation, there will also be attached supporting documentation to provide assistance and support to those affected. Today [8/7/13] they will expand the report.