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Bolivians working abroad effort: one billion dollars!!

Important contributor and not acknowledged by current central government, are the remittances to the Bolivian economy.

From El Diario:

Santa Cruz information reveals a million beneficiaries

“Family remittances” sent to the country went up to a billion dollars in 2013

In the year 2001, Bolivia received by that concept $100 million dollars and in present year went up to one billion, which makes an average of $500 per month per family.

Shipments made by Bolivian citizens abroad, in the form of “remittances to relatives” residing in the country went up to one billion dollars, during the administration of 2012 to 2013, constituting an important contribution to the solution of social problems, in particular, to the creation of sources of employment in the informal levels, according to the Secretary for Economy and Finance of the Governors Office of Santa Cruz, Jose Luis Parada.

The Authority explained that in 2001, Bolivia received by that concept the sum of $100 million dollars. The figure went up in the present year to $1 billion. An analysis by Parada, which argues that the shipments are on a monthly average $500 by family and that a million Bolivians would benefit with shipments of remittances.

2013-08-12 07.51.58 amJose Luis Parada explained that the shipment contributions, benefit at least a million people in Bolivia, “have nothing to do with social policies and its bonds”. “They are a million people who receive their money, from the effort of a family member. They are the remittances that have lifted them out of poverty”, he said.

With reference to the 2012 census, the Governors Office official pointed out that there has been an improvisation in the work of the organization and execution of the project, counting, in addition to, lack of cartography and disorder made that the data are not reliable. He also recalled that the number of ballots that were distributed during the census, was never known, by municipality and Department, also mentioned that training was not allowed to take place.


Follows excerpts of another El Diario news: Santa Cruz opinion:

The role of remittances in the reduction of poverty

Santa Cruz’s Governors Office highlights external support to the economy

According to authorities in the East side of the country, the speech of President Evo Morales wanted to show “a country of wonders with a dance of millions”, but the reality is very different.


2013-08-12 07.51.34 amThe General Advisor of the Santa Cruz Governors Office, Víctor Hugo Añez, said that the speech of the President Evo Morales wants to show “a country of wonders with a dance of millions”, but that however, daily, citizens face real problems such as the lack of items on health, education and public safety, that are not being served.

Also regarding the announcement of the President that the program “Bolivia Changes”, in Santa Cruz will be called “Bolivia Camba” at the request of opposition mayors to implement it in their municipalities, Añez considered unfortunate that the President is just realizing that democracy requires Governments to govern for all Bolivians. “The Governor Rubén Costas implemented the 50 – 40 – 10 for the 56 municipalities of the Department regardless of whether the Mayor is from the MAS, Green or any other political party.” That is the responsibility of the public servant”, he said.

On the other hand, said that undoubtedly the Government is in campaign, while he stressed Santa Cruz Governance aims to make management and work in what the people need, which are basic services: electricity, water, roads, health and education. “It would be good that they deepen their work in public safety, which is one of the main responsibilities of the Government”, he recommended.


Kudos and respect to those Bolivians who made the difficult and harsh decision to leave their loved ones in search for work! If it hadn’t been for your resolve, your family and our whole nation would be immersed in a worse situation, thank YOU!!!

I think it is cheap politics what central government is doing… to brag about strong macroeconomic indicators, while they had NOTHING to do about them!

Enough, Bolivia voters should say NO to the illegitimate re-re-election!