TIPNIS protest-walk update: Tension in Caranavi, June 8, 2012

This brave group continues to fight for their territory and our National Parks’ integrity. This report is from El Deber:

TIPNIS March tension while entering Caranavi

The entrance of the marchers of the TIPNIS group to Caranavi municipality in La Paz, caused tension between villagers and coca producers supported by settlers and women of the Organization of women Bartolina Sisa, reported the protest-walk of high and low lands indigenous leaders.

The March resumed at 10:00am this Thursday from the Carrasco town en route Caranavi, 160 kilometers northeast of La Paz city.

Luis Acho, leader of the settlers, a group loyal to the Government of Evo Morales warned that the entrance of the TIPNIS marchers will not be allowed to Caranavi.

“They are supported by people who do want President Evo Morales.” “We will not let them enter Caranavi,” he warned the journalists.

But the inhabitants of Caranavi reiterated that the March of the Tipnis is welcome, and warned that they will not tolerate the blocking of the colonizers, coca producers and Bartolina Sisa women.

A March of leaders and people of the indigenous territory and Isiboro Sécure National Park (TIPNIS), began in late April and already toured 500 of the 660 kilometres between Trinidad and La Paz.

The protest-walk requests not to build the Villa Tunari-San Ignacio de Moxos road and not make the call “prior consultation”, the complaint reached the Executive Secretary of the Organization of American States (OAS), José Miguel Insulza.


This appeared in Pagina Siete’s website last night:

TIPNIS protest-walk arrived Caranavi preceded by incidents

RESTING. It is expected that indigenous people will rest and sleep in Caranavi city tonight and tomorrow will resume their trek toward La Paz.

PáginaSIETE. bo / La Paz – 07/06/2012

The IX indigenous March in defense of the TIPNIS reached past noon today [6/7/12] the town of Caranavi, North of La Paz, after a division and physical and verbal confrontation between residents of that city with settlers leaders.

While some settlers’  leaders affiliated with the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS), prevented the Marchers to get inside the town of Caranavi, blocking the sector known as La Tranca with different objects; several Caranavi neighbors criticized this action.

“They are leaders but we were not consulted if the March should enter or not the city, they make their decisions without consulting the bases”, said a neighbor, according to a report of Erbol.

After a threat of confrontation between both sides and the intervention of the police, residents decided the indigenous Marchers to avoid entering Caranavi by La Tranca, but will do for a secondary access. “So we will receive our marchers brothers in our House, in our city,” said a neighborhood Caranavi leader.

It is expected that the indigenous people rest and will sleep in the Caranavi city tonight and tomorrow [today June 8, 2012] will resume their trek toward La Paz.


This is from El Diario, June 7, 2012:

This cartoon portrays how the Bolivian public perceives and endorses the TIPNIS protest-walk and the OAS General Assembly Meeting… need to say more?

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