TIPNIS rejects gov’s intent to force the “prior consult” February 29, 2012

Los Tiempos reports:

The TIPNIS sub-central delivered yesterday in La Paz a memorial to the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) to request the suspension of the “prior” consultation that the Government prepares to achieve for the construction of the Villa Tunari-San Ignacio de Moxos road through the protected area.

The Organization denounced the Executive sent commissions to the indigenous territory and Isiboro Sécure National Park (TIPNIS) with gifts to convince communities.

The Prime Minister, Carlos Romero, denied the accusation and said that the Confederation of indigenous peoples of Bolivia (CIDOB) and the sub-central leaders make such complaints because they are afraid.

The Chairman of the sub-central Sécure, Fernando Vargas, informed ANF that, with the help of ships of the Navy, the Government “is entering with food, medicines, dishes” to “blackmail the communities”.

The President of the Cidob, Adolfo Chávez, ratified the complaint and pointed out that the TSE must stop the query since the law 222 is being contested by unconstitutional. “There can be no consultation at this stage, after having signed contracts for the financing and built two tranches,” he added.

Chávez announced that Deputy Pedro Nuni is preparing another action of unconstitutionality of the law 222, which will join the filed by two members of the movement without fear (MSM).

“We have told them (to indigenous people) to be like small ‘palometa’, that eat all the bait, in this case of donations coming from the Government, and that is gov’s obligation anyway, but the road does not pass through the Tipnis”, added.


Let’s provide any possible form of support to those leaders, so our National Parks integrity is not compromised!! I certainly hope the questioned TSE’s impartiality is wrong and they do their job.

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