Bolivia’s breakthrough on traditional medicine

El Deber posted this news on its website, yesterday afternoon (picture below obtained from the internet):

A “Hepato-biliary syrup”, made with Andean plant extract, became the first drug registered as legal by the Bolivian Ministry of Health which, as explained this Wednesday, the authorization to go ahead was made in order to rescue traditional medicine.

“Hepato-biliary” syrup is “is one of the first natural medicines in receiving the health registry by the unit for drugs and technology (Unimed) of the Ministry of Health,” said a statement sent to AFP.

This medicine is aimed at the “treatment of various pathologies, such as bile, liver failure, jaundice and cramping”, according to the Health portfolio  which gives the legal authorization in Bolivia for the sale of this product.

Syrup “is made on the basis of three herbal: the xerophile, boldo, artichoke and hence its anti-stomach infection, anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties”, says the report.

The new drug is dispensed in plastic containers of 50 to 200 cubic centimeters at a cost of approximately $2 to $6 dollars per unit.

The manufacturer is the nature-pathic doctor Mario Apaza Quispe.

This is certainly a promissory news for Bolivian traditional medicine, kudos for this intention.

Although, I’d recommend a more thorough process. Medicines like this one, should follow appropriate steps, in order to validate with scientific research and legal processes. Otherwise, it could turn into a nasty negative boomerang. The worst outcome could be banning this type of medicine worldwide; if there would be serious side effects. Or that someone else grabs these medicinal properties and goes ahead and gets a patent that is valid worldwide.

Bolivia has to think ahead, and make things right, that is why we have and need a government, not to give the impression that something is being done, for political and illustrative purposes only.

We are part of the world and the medicine industry is a serious and complex matter. I remember seeing a bunch of medicinal plants’  information on one of the national parks in Bolivia. And nothing was done at the time, as there was no appropriate channels to make them known and patented as Bolivian medicine…

Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 8.29.14 AM.png

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