Bolivian Iskanwaya is as important and beautiful as Machu Picchu!!

Pagina Siete, Anahi Cazas writes today about Iskanwaya:

The complex of Iskanwaya is going to become a Cultural heritage of Bolivia, a nomination that will help its conservation, renovation and promotion.

Last Thursday, the Chamber of Deputies unanimously adopted the law on Declaration of Iskanwaya as Monumental and Archaeological National Heritage; that will serve to give priority to the restoration of this site, qualified by some archaeologists and specialists as so “extensive and important as Machu Picchu”.

An archaeological gem

Located 280 km from the city of La Paz, on the Muñecas province, Aucapata municipality, Iskanwaya hosted the mollo culture which predated the Inca civilization.

If we compare with Machu Picchu, Iskanwaya has a greater site.” “According to studies, this archaeological complex is much bigger than what we see today,” says archaeologist Ronald Terán, citing research which calculated that ruins of about 120 buildings are buried.

According to the anthropologist Milton Eyzaguirre, the construction of this site dates back to year 1,100 a.d.. “In the Decade of the 70s of last century it was partially restored by Carlos Ponce Sanjinés, but since then, it has not received any treatment of conservation”.

“Iskanwaya was a citadel of great importance due to its strategic location, and because its inhabitants were able to build agricultural terraces and even developed a hydraulic system”, adds the specialist.

Juan Carlos Álvarez, researcher in pre-Hispanic architecture, argues that Iskanwaya “is a planned urban set, a large residence, a kind of defensive fortress and also has a labyrinthine and designed with housing modules with functional structure”.

Alvarez added that “should someday be achieved and it is excavated the entire site, we would appreciate the most important archaeological and architectural jewel of the region”.

I’ve been in Machu Picchu, indeed it is beautiful, although from reading this article, I certainly hope we can be able to preserve, restore the site so the whole world benefits from it. This is another strong reason to visit beautiful Bolivia!!!

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