Santa Cruz Governor accuses central government for the suspension of Beni Governor

From 12/17/11:

This Saturday, Governor Rubén Costas accused the Government’s suspension of the Governor of the Department of Beni, Ernesto Suárez, while pro-Government legislators claimed that it is a justice issue.

“When the night is darker, it is a prelude that the dawn comes.” “Once I talked with my brother Ernesto and we said whatever happens, even if our families are frightened, we will not go abroad, we are entrenched here by self-consciousness”, remarked the Governor of Santa Cruz.

For its part, the Councillor of the Party on the basis of Government (MAS) Saúl Avalos said that Suarez was suspended because he was charged on suspicion of corruption.

“Suárez has been suspended for having formal charges, nothing more.” There’s nothing, no intention or hand of the Government, or interest of no one, or blows, nothing of the sort, it is in compliance with the law. “Governor Costas also has to comply with the law,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, the Pro Santa Cruz Civic Committee met in emergency, according to its President Herman Vaca Diez.

He said that it was declared an emergency and call for a meeting on Monday, where measures in defence of the departmental authorities will be analysed.

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