Bolivian quinoa production reaches 30,000 tons this year!

This cereal, originally from Potosi, Bolivia; its best variety is called royal quinoa (pronounced: keen-WHA), and is beginning to find more consumers worldwide.

La Prensa reports today: According to official information, Bolivia produces more than 30,000 tons of this cereal, of which 50% is exported legally to the North American and European market. It is estimated that at least 70,000 families are engaged in this activity [mostly in the northwestern part of Potosi Department]. In this regard, and to strengthen this sector with a view to the celebration in 2012 of the international year of the quinoa, recognized by the UN, many producer associations of the “grain of the Andes” are carrying out a series of activities such as workshops and seminars, to publicize the benefits of this food.

For more information, you can visit the post in the following link, which describes more this incredible grain and how you can cook it; her is an excerpt: “Quinoa is a high-protein grain that contains all 8 essential amino acids (a rarity in vegetarian foods) and is indispensible when you’re trying to tone your arms. It’s high in fiber, magnesium, and iron; plus it’s gluten-free. And surprisingly, quinoa is as delicious as it is nutritious.”

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