Bolivian quinoa is ALL over the world!

… and make no mistake, Bolivian ROYAL QUINOA is the best of the varieties out there, and it can ONLY be grown in our highlands, Potosi!! other varieties are grown in neighboring countries, the USA, even China… but to my pride, OUR ROYAL QUINOA is for REAL and EXPORT!

The UN, NASA are among the ones who claim this grain can solve hunger and be eaten out in space!

My family in the midwest, USA and in the Middle East sent me these pictures they’ve taken last December 2013:

This was taken in Kuwait capital city:










And these were taken in the midwest, USA:









I’ve posted before how quinoa is been served to NASA astronauts, and how Bolivia is exporting it with the success you can see above. Just wish the government does not interfere and let the market consolidate OUR produce!

Most recent post regarding quinoa were:

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– Bolivians consume 92 kilos of potatoes and one of quinoa, yearly

– Bolivia has 30 varieties of Quinoa!!

– Bolivian quinoa production reaches 30,000 tons this year!

… and so the production of quinoa goes on! Lets make it sustainable, it is a product that can prevent smuggling activities or migration to happen in the Bolivian highlands.

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