Odd couple?! nazi symbol and cocaine??!!

El Deber, Guider Arancibia Guillen reports something really odd…

In the trunk of a station wagon, a man was carrying 204 kilos of cocaine in mold type bricks, all wore the nazi logo.

The report was confirmed by the head of the special force of fight against the drug trafficking (FELCN), Fernando Amurrio; after some information was processed by the intelligence services of the anti-drug force, a car was intercepted in the municipality of Warnes.

The driver of the vehicle, a Bolivian, was apprehended and agents could seize the cocaine paste that was inside polyethylene bags.

The first investigations indicate that the cocaine base was being transported to a rural area for crystallization. [full Spanish report in the link below]


2 responses to “Odd couple?! nazi symbol and cocaine??!!

  1. Ideological Coke-Heads!

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