Visit La Paz museums, one ticket for three within a week!

This is good news and should be replicated in other cities as well; the photo is from the San Francisco museum, baroque style; Pagina Siete reports today:

With the aim of promoting the cultural and historical heritage of La Paz and Bolivia, the Cultural Foundation of the Central Bank of Bolivia (BCB), with the support of the Embassy of Spain and the Spanish cooperation agency, created the first circuit of museums in La Paz.

In this way, the National Museum of Art (MNA), the National Museum of Ethnography and Folklore (MUSEF) and the San Francisco Museum make up a comprehensive Museum Tour plan “which seeks to boost tourism, integrate cultural activities and attract more visitors, both national and foreign”, as reported by Luisa Soux, representative of the BCB Foundation, which administers the MNA and MUSEF.

Along with the Ambassador of Spain in Bolivia, Ramon Santos; yesterday Soux launched the project in a public ceremony in which stated that “this is the first step to enhance the cultural activity in these three museums”.

Wara Cajias, responsible for the circuit, explained that “this is the best option so that tourists who come to La Paz, have access to the three repositories and know more and better the story and the art of Bolivia”.

To access the circuit, they will launch a single ticket, which will be sold at tourist agencies, airports, cultural venues, hotels and restaurants, where there will be also available brochures in English, Spanish and Aymara. Once acquired – at a price yet to be defined – the ticket will be valid for one week.

San Francisco Museum is located in the facilities of the San Francisco church, built in 1549 with mixed Baroque and mestizo styles. To date, it charges Bs1 to Bolivian schoolchildren; Bs5 to university students; Bs10 to national adults and Bs15 to foreigners.

MUSEF works in a building of Ingavi street corner with Jenaro Sanginés, which was built between 1776 and 1790. Admission is free for students. The cost of tickets for national adults is Bs5 and foreigners, Bs10.

MNA was created in 1960 as a unit of the Ministry of Education and Culture, functions in an old colonial House on Commerce street corner with Socabaya. Currently, the price of tickets for national citizens is Bs5 and foreigners are charged Bs10t.

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  1. Thank you very much for publishing this note in english. How can I contact you? Wara Cajías

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