Aerocon’s survivor, Minor Vidal is the personality of the year

El Deber’s end of the year awards has chosen well, Minor Vidal is awarded, an article written by Roberto Navia, follows:
Minor, strengthened by an award
Minor Vidal, the sole survivor of Aerocon’s plane, returned to fly. In his Office in Trinidad received the news that he is the personality of the year, he thanks God and the Bolivian people for having been with him at the worst moment
Mariela Llanos still cannot believe that her husband is with her, and that is healthy and with many energy to take on the world, and, above all, to be without the ghost of the bad memories of the crash of September in which she almost became a widow. Minor Vidal doesn’t also believe that he has been nominated as personality of the year by El Deber, that is why now he is sitting by his desk of the company who runs in Trinidad and the letter in his hand that made official the appointment. With an excited firm voice, said: “This is a beautiful surprise I did not expect”.
Tuesday, September 6, at 17: 58, from El Trompillo airport, departed the Fairchild Metro III, Aerocon’s aircraft to Trinidad (Beni). At 18: 55 the pilot contacted the control tower at the airport Jorge Henrich of Trinidad for permission to land, but the plane never appeared on the horizon. Nine people were on that plane, and Minor Vidal was the passenger who sat in the last seat and the only one who survived.

Friday 9, around 8:50, Vidal, from Chuquisaca and 35 years old, found his rescuers.With obvious pain by the Rossendy lagoon shore, he waved a cloth to draw the attention of the two boats of the Navy passing more than 400 meters away from him.

At that time, what most caught the attention was the cut in his right temple. Now, there is only a scar which may well be valued as a trophy of war or the footprint of the worst ‘scratch’ of life. “I don’t have any trauma, even I am even surprised how I healed from the five broken ribs”, says Minor and believes that if he survived the accident it is because God has a mission prepared for him, that he still does not know what it is. “That is why I never had the intention of locking myself inside four walls to lament the bad memory of the accident,” he said with a voice of steel.

Minor does not want to disappoint the millions of Bolivians who have prayed so that he is alive; when it was known that a body among the remains of the damaged aircraft lacked. “Many people I do not know, greets me when I walk in the street and reminds me that they have prayed for me” says, and returned to read the letter in which El Deber has nominated him as one of the personalities of the year. And he still does not believe.

And he returned to flying. Minor needs to fly because the plane is the main means of transport to carry out its work. He visits the Amazonian people of the country, where the aircraft is more common than a pickup truck because the roads are scarce or impassable for much time of the year. That knows Mariela Llanos, which comes with their two children to the door of her home, at Nicolás Suárez street, to wave away her husband every time he travels for a few days.

Well deserved recognition to a man who’s grown as a person. Kudos to El Deber!

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