Bolivia: Civic Committees Call For President To End Re-election Campaign

Situation report by Stratfor:

Bolivia: Civic Committees Call For President To End Re-election Campaign

Members from seven civic committees have called for Bolivian President Evo Morales to end his campaign for re-election, La Razon reported Jan. 18. The committees set a Jan. 22 deadline for Morales to leave the race, saying that their movements will begin protests and roadblocks across the country if he does not. Morales, first elected in 2006, has been steadily losing popularity in Bolivia, and his weakening hold over the country’s domestic politics will be the main driver of political instability there in the coming years.

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: This lousy president, has wasted over $160 billion dollars over the last 12 years, he killed our public service, our institutionality, he made us fought among each other, he destroyed the sense of nation …

On top of all of the above, blooming corruption and narcotrafficking had injured to death our beloved Bolivia, like the Kirschners, Lula, Chavez, Dilma, Maduro and Correa, evo is just the worst president ever!

The above analysis rightfully and sadly envisions more turmoil, more unemployment, less competitiveness and of course more anarchy to come in the upcoming years … who would come to invest under the chaos of this coca grower?!

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