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Insights of the meeting between the Government and the Medical College

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: Ever since evo began his political life, we can acknowledge that his egocentrism has reached the limits of a rude egocentric autocrat. As such, the negotiations that the physicians try to carry out with this government, appear to repeat other ordeals like the TIPNIS and of the disabled … so, I would only ask these brave group of professionals not to give in. This inept government must abolish this absurd norm!

El Diario reports:

Insights of the meeting between the Government and the Medical College

– Government authorities and the leadership of the Medical College of Bolivia resumed negotiations yesterday and both parties began the meeting at 10.23 at the Casablanca hotel in the city of Santa Cruz, capital located 900 km east of La Paz, reported the state Radio New Homeland

– At that time, an official delegation headed by the Minister of Government, Carlos Romero, and his counterpart from the Medical Association of Bolivia, led by his principal leader, Aníbal Cruz, were sitting at a table in the Casablanca hotel, located at the Third External Ring of the city of Santa Cruz.


– Romero called Cruz on Saturday to a meeting “of coordination with the purpose of generating the conditions that allow addressing the theme of the health sector.”

– In the dialogue tables were representatives of the Government, the Medical Association of Bolivia and the National Health Council. There were no representatives of the new parallel entity formed by graduates of the Latin American School of Medicine of Cuba.

– The dialogue was auspicious in the midst of the 40-day strike by national health services ordered by the Medical Association, in rejection of the new Law of the Penal System that sanctions professional negligence and specifically Article 205, which in the opinion of the the professional sector intends to “criminalize” medical practice in Bolivia.


– Before starting the meeting with the Government, the doctors grouped themselves in a circle to raise their prayers and ask that this approach would conclude with good results.