Daily Archives: January 12, 2018

Bolivian middle class had enough with the coca caudillo!

Bolivia is definitely changing, we are fed up with the wrongdoings of evo,  on top of rampant corruption, incompetence and egocentrism, we reached our limits of tolerance!

Even a newspaper that is aligned with the populist and totalitarian regime acknowledges this fact with this cartoon:

La Razon January 11, 2018


Two people [cholitas] talking about a march … one asking if it is a canine parade and the other one responds: “No, it is a march in protest by the middle class”

We had to endure the loss of many of our civil rights and this penal code has reached our limit … we are fighting for our democratic liberties and want this egomaniac to end his term in 2019 and leave! For the time being, he should abrogate his delusional penal code …

Today, Santa Cruz in on strike!!!!