Daily Archives: January 21, 2018

From plain demagogue to a relentless liar … who else but evo!

This delusional egomaniac who wants to remain as Bolivian president, used to speak for several hours, during his presidential speech on the day he picked as the “rebirth” of our nation … nothing but pure demagogue and the intend to show that nothing before him was good.

January 22nd was picked as “his day” to remember the destruction of our Republic. So, he used to speak for several hours like the egocentric communist leaders that destroyed their countries … now as he faces countless demonstrations of resentment towards him and the absurd criminal code he wants to keep, his acolytes mentioned only a two hour speech of his delusional mind …

El Diario shows a cartoon on 01/20/2018 where his “experts” in communication, like Goebbels, will try to continue to misled the Bolivian population that still believes in him … or ignores his real nature!

In short, Bolivian population is getting fed up with his lies. He couldn’t control the blooming corruption under his government, he opened up more spaces for narcotrafficking to succeed and even at the international arena, his “speech” no longer is trusted!