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Bolivian artist, Mamani Mamani painted cross to receive the Pope in Chile

El Diario reports:

Mamani Mamani painted cross to receive the Pope in Chile

The Bolivian artist Roberto Mamani Mamani took his art to Chile to receive Pope Francis.


He painted one of the three “Crosses of Virtues” that welcomed the Supreme Pontiff to his arrival in Santiago.

Mamani Mamani, in an interview with EL DIARIO, said that the monumental crosses, which measure 7 meters, are located in the Sanctuary of Father Hurtado (place that the Pope visited yesterday) and later they will tour Chile for a year. The artist explained that the work represents the combination of the Andean cosmovision as Alaxpacha, Akapacha and Manq’apacha (distant place, where you are and food land).