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Two years ago, Evo said he would go “quiet” had the No won … well, he is just a LIAR!

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: In more than one occasion, this egocentric caudillo said he would leave office upon termination of his mandate, had there be no violent deaths under his presidency, that he would obey the people … well, he is just a lousy petty LIAR, has no word at all, and the people had it! as it can be seen in Pagina Siete’s cartoon dated 01/16/2018, we do not believe him anymore, he has to abrogate the penal code!

Pagina Siete reports:

Two years ago, Evo said he would go “quiet” had the No won

In social networks, they recalled that two years ago, President Evo Morales said that if he did not win in the 21F referendum, he would leave without saying anything. “If the people say No, what can we do, are we not going to carry out a coup d’etat?” Morales said at the time.

“A day like today in 2016, Evo Morales lied to the Bolivians, then he broke his word, the Constitution and the popular vote,” journalist Andrés Gómez tweeted. While another user said that “(Evo) has no word, that is the problem.”

Another Internet user said that if Morales does not have a word, “Why should we believe what he proposes for the Penal Code?”

On January 15, 2016, the news spread that the previous day the Head of State had said the following: “If the people say No, what can we do? Are we not going to carry out a coup? We have to keep quiet, but we have a lot of confidence (in winning).”

On that occasion, Morales also said that the masses would triumph in the referendum in which they sought to qualify him for re-election. “We’re going to win, that’s not in doubt, maybe it’s very ambitious, I do not know, I’d like to win, I’d like to beat the record of the referendums.”