Daily Archives: January 23, 2018

Let’s hope evo starts working and governs instead of clinging to power!

Bolivian population has made the egomaniac to change and he offered to abrogate the criminal code. We’ll just wait and see the Congress make this effective.

COB has pulled out immediately from the coalition to defend our democratic liberties. A sign that says Mitma is negotiating with the government his stay at the top of the worker’s union.

evo has understood that he no longer can do as he pleases, the middle class, urban population has just had it with his attempts to continue using the State for his perpetuation in the presidency.

Bolivian people must continue to exert pressure on the masistas, so they comply with the Constitution and the referendum that said NO more evo.

This cartoon is from Pagina Siete, 01/22/2018 which clearly shows how the delusional egocentric feels:

Quick sand for him, so he better start governing instead of seeking to be re-re-renominated again! evo is saying above “we don’t want confusions, we abrogated, repeat, abrogated!!”

We must demand political persecution to cease and amnesty is issued to all those Bolivians who had to flee our country …