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Bolivian Northwest recovered brazilnut [chestnut] sales

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: I never understood why castaña [Bertholletia excelsa] is worldwide known as brazilian nuts … given that more of the castaña that goes to the international markets come from Bolivia?!

In any case, is good news Bolivian supply is catching up, what needs to be resolved is to eliminate state intervention. Under the populist and demagogue government of the coca grower, state-owned enterprises tried to replace the private sector that had handled this business for centuries … this government caused a main exporter to be run out of business and a “state company” was put in place … the real intention was to grab those voters, by controlling them. Of course business went down and we are now trying to recuperate our share of the international market.

El Diario reports:

$164 million dollars

Northwest recovered brazilnut [chestnut] sales

Bolivia exported more than 14,100 tons of Brazil nuts last year, worth more than 164 million dollars, yesterday informed the president of the Chamber of North Exporters (Cadexnor), Agustín Vargas.

“We have had around 14,100 tons of chestnut already exportable and has been worth 164 million dollars that if we see with previous figures is not much variation in cost,” he told state media.

He indicated that this year the production of chestnut is expected to recover up to 75% and reach 20,000 tons, taking into account that due to the effects of the drought in 2016 it was reduced up to 50%.

“For this year, it is expected to be a much better harvest than last year, we can not say that it is going to be a normal harvest because Bolivia exports around 24,000 tons of Brazil nuts per year, this year we believe that we are going to arrive at 20,000 tons would be about 75% of a normal harvest,” he argued.

According to the Bolivian Foreign Trade Institute (IBCE) in 2012, 22,000 tons of Brazil nuts were exported, in 2013 at least 21,000 tons, in 2014 27,000 were exported, in 2015 at least 26,000 tons and 2016, 27,000 tons.