Micro entrepreneurs hesitate about paying the double Christmas bonus

ANF reports in El Deber:

Micro entrepreneurs hesitate about paying the double Christmas bonus

They will conduct a technical and economic study to evaluate their annual growth. However, the Supreme Decree 1802 does not provide for the suspension of payment in any case.

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 7.22.27 AMThe National Confederation of Micro and Small Businesses (Conamype) announced the completion of a technical-economic study that will define whether this sector has had a growth of 4.5% this year and, on this basis, determine whether or not to pay the double Christmas bonus.

There are several sectors, they said, that have not had an increase this year and one of them is the manufacture who “is unable to pay double Christmas bonus” due to smuggling of used clothing from China and the United States, said leader Humberto Baldivieso.

Supreme Decree 1,802 established in 2013 the payment of a second Christmas bonus in the public and private sector. This payment is made only when the annual growth of gross domestic product (GDP) exceeds 4.5%.

The Economy Minister Luis Arce, announced a few weeks ago, this year there is a probability of 99% for the second year-end bonus to be paid.

The decree does not foresee that a sector can not pay double bonus if an individual growth fails to reach 4.5%.

In late August, the leader of National Unity (UN), Samuel Doria Medina, presented the government with the elimination of double payment of bonuses to micro and small enterprises, given their precarious economic situation. In the case of medium and large companies. he proposed maintaining the benefit if the sector they belonged to, reaches a higher rate to 4.5%.

Regional entrepreneurs have indicated that payments should only be given when each department achieve that GDP growth.


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