Growing balance of payments crisis – Creciente crisis de balanza de pagos

Market Screener: Bolivia Bonds Tank With Foreign Reserves at Lowest in Over 20 Years By Alexander Saeedy Bonds backed by the Bolivian government have dropped nearly 20% this month as the country faces a growing balance of payments crisis. The landlocked Latin American country’s 4.5% bonds due 2028 were recently quoted around 57 cents on…

How Bolivia has escaped the inflation sweeping Latin America (and why it’s not as good news as it seems) – Cómo se ha librado Bolivia de la inflación que recorre América Latina (y por qué no es tan buena noticia como parece)

Guillermo D. Olmo, BBC: The world economy is shaken by the wave of global inflation. The war in Ukraine and the stimuli with which governments responded to the blow of the pandemic have pushed the increase in prices to levels not seen for decades. In Latin America, the impact of the rise is especially painful….