Bolivia needs to expedite its export routes better!

El Deber reports:

Exporters ask to clean water hyacinths at Tamengo channel

Vegetation covers a major portion of the channel. Private sector does not see major problems.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 9.24.40 AM

Again a part of the channel Tamengo and Caceres lagoon in the border areas of Puerto Suarez and Puerto Quijarro are covered by water hyacinths (vegetation), which prevents the normal movement of large barges for the past 10 days, as it may affect trade abroad for that port.

Some areas of the channel are covered by vegetation, so the export sector calls for constant cleaning.

Low season

The president of the Chamber of Exporters of Santa Cruz (Cadex) Wilfredo Rojo suggested to promote periodic cleaning of the channel to be led by the Navy.

Oswaldo Barriga, CEO of Cadex, said that this time is low for exports and usually channel is filled with water hyacinths. However, this year is lower than in previous years.

“At this time of year, many companies do not move cargo through this channel. Most are dedicated to making their spring maintenance, infrastructure, etc,” he said.

It is not much Bolivian exporters ask after all… however we must understand that the ruling populist ochlocracy is not up to it, cheap demagogue is all they understand…

The coca grower leader is more concerned to perpetuate himself in power, play soccer, deliver synthetic grass soccer fields and bad mouth anyone who dares to confront him, over 700 people had to flee the country out of political persecution… Bolivia has fallen to the deepest hole in our history.

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