Bolivian government begins to crumble as they failed with economic policies

Humberto Vacaflor writes in El Diario:

Memories from the present

The “opinion makers” win

Humberto VacaflorThe side of the “opinion makers” [pundits] as the minister of economy calls them, to those who warn severity of the coming crisis, is gaining popularity.

Last week, President Evo Morales passed to the ranks of the “pundits” and, in that capacity, called an emergency meeting with the Santa Cruz entrepreneurs to develop a strategy to deal with the crisis, that same crisis that the minister Catacora says does not exist.

With a bit of sarcasm, the president went on to say that now is the time to test the ministers, because things have been difficult. Now I want to see them, he meant to say. Another thing is with low prices.

Other Morales, Juan Antonio Morales, former president of the BCB said in a column that perhaps the “pundits” are right, just like those who predicted the crisis and financial bubbles, which were denied by other Catacoras.

For now, President Morales himself calls on employers, while waiting for his ministers to react, being told what to do in these times of crisis, when the wind started blowing the other way, when prices have fallen and threaten to fall further.

The Catacora minister is running only by denying the severity of the crisis. José Luis Parada, Treasury Secretary for the Governor of Santa Cruz, estimates that the country will stop receiving $1,300 million dollars this year compared to last year, due to the falling price of gas.

It may be useful now that the government stop acting for the audience. The Karachipampa show, besides being expensive, was ridiculous, because the plant ran a few weeks, just for the electoral picture, and then went out.

They have to cancel commitments to build the Palacio Quemado 2, the seat of Unasur, because it is ceasing to exist, and start thinking seriously about what is needed.

The Minister of the Presidency shall resign his Falcon plane, like the Minister of Health does the same.

Perhaps these ministers have the belief that everything is financed by the second fund of the economy, with illegal income, but should make clear that these do not enter the budget.

The truth is that in the last hours, President Morales has given the reason to the “pundits” that are warning about the severity of the crisis.

Failure go sound public policies become more evident as the coca-grower ochlocracy clearly demonstrates their inability to govern. The useless luxuries like a second governmental palace must be stopped!

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