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Quinoa exports to USA are falling

El Diario reports:

Peru doubled its market share in 2014

Quinoa exports to USA are falling

Bolivian government committed support to the crop, but the apparent downturn in international marketing of cereal worries the producers.

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 6.59.06 AMBolivia lost ground in selling royal quinoa in US markets by the end of this year and Peru was positioned as the leading provider, said to El Diario, the president of the Chamber of Exporters of Quinoa and Organic Products (Cabolqui), Juan Pablo Seleme.

Peruvian exports this year reached 40% of imports made by the United States, while Bolivia which rebounded in 2013 to 65% in 2014 achieved only 46%.

The Government will support the production process and current 160,000 will turn into 200,000 hectares cultivated in 2015, according to Deputy Minister of Rural Development, Victor Hugo Vasquez.

However, the drop in exports would be a loss of markets for the “grain of gold” that produces Bolivia because the US is the main country that imports the cereal.


Bolivian government needs to eliminate road blockades, stop smuggling/narcotrafficking related activities in those quinoa producing regions so that the people can work in producing more quinoa and of better quality. And the private sector will take from there.