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Laguna Colorada has the capacity to generate power for 30 years

Hoybolivia.com reports from La Opinion:

Laguna Colorada has the capacity to generate power for 30 years

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 2.19.20 PMThe geothermal project that housed the government in the southwestern department of Potosí, at a cost of 4.3 million bolivianos, has the capacity to generate electricity at least for 30 years, said the project manager, Marco Escobar.

The power plant based on geothermal energy is located near the Laguna Colorada and has the name of Sol de Mañana [morning sun].

In the first phase, the plant is expected to generate 50 MW. for INS and will be extended to another 50 Mw. over the medium term, which is expected to produce a total of 100 Mw. to feed the national grid, said the executive president of the National Electricity Company (ENDE), Eduardo Paz.

The center also includes the construction of a power line between Sol de Mañana and the San Cristobal mine through a power substation, said Paz.

WELLS. The Electric Authority reported that energy is captured in Sol de Mañana plant from drilling wells where will be expelled underground steam, which is then processed by the power plant to begin operation in the area to have power stable and secure electrical.


Good energy alternative, I just hope this venture does not have a negative impact in the biodiversity of the region and the Eduardo Avaroa Reserve.