The alleged terrorist-separatist case is falling down the cracks!

Carlos Valverde writes in El Deber:

Here we go again … but more

Carlos ValverdeIt appears that the national government believe it is possible to move “away from the splashing made by Soza” and go out to discredit him with countless allegations, but mostly because Soza has ratified himself by the wording of the letter and statement he made to the Conare/Brazil, which leaves the government looking bad. The Minister of the Government has branded Soza as a delinquent, while he holds in his statement to a ANF reporter and Conare that during the investigation of the case bribery occurred, buying pressure to include witnesses and with no evidence, to some cruceño leaders.

None of this in any of the two statements is new; nothing we don’t know, this is simply the ratification and reiteration of what was said by Soza two months ago with the intention to be ‘left out’ of the allegations of violations of human rights of the accused and the crimes committed by taking advantage of when we all know that the complaint by Soza was committed when he was still attorney in charge; consequently, so nothing that he can denounce the government of, can be argued by him as being innocent, because it is known that he not only provided the political game that demanded arrests and cornering them up, but took advantage of his position of power to extort money from many people. Moreover, anything that the minister of the government says can be analyzed without taking into account the allegations that this power sidestepped when it was about Soza. This was useful and, as such, was ‘shielded’ until the ‘audio appeared’ and the star died down for the extortionist prosecutor and the one who abetted many illegalities.

Soza says, in these accusations back and forth with the Government, that “the things I say are obviously evidence. The things I have presented to Conare are the tests that have and are blunt instruments.” In this case, the government may be even worse off. This is a fight of accusations that turn, on both sides, on the ratification of what we have been saying: the government armed the case, Soza instrumentalized and one covered the other, as far as they could, once things were known, nothing they can say, can change anything … it is simply confirmed.

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