Coca leaves’ production replaced oranges in Yungas, cocaine business is booming!

Humberto Vacaflor writes in El Diario:

The oranges of truth

Humberto VacaflorIt is a pity that the Deputy Rebeca Delgado has decided to surrender to government threats for their participation in the Truth Commission. [you can watch a cartoon related to her decision and of another member of that committee, down below]

This “casualty” hurts everyone who would like to let know other truths that the current system of political and media terror is determined to hide.

The orange deficit that occurs in the Yungas of La Paz is a truth that the curtain of fear wants to cover.

The citrus processing plant in Caranavi is about to be completed but faces a problem that will prevent it to start trading.

It cost $14 million dollars and the lives of two young people , but those who planned it at Caranavi, did not think it would run into the problem of lack of raw material.

No matter what is said about the plans and progress of the eradication of illegal coca crops, the fact is that the orange plantations have been eradicated, beaten by the army of coca growers, much more efficient and arrogant than coca eradicators.

When the citrus plant was planned, there was enough orange production in the area, but from then until now the orange trees have been swept by the advance of coca.

In La Paz, to consume Peruvian citrus is not new. What is new is to be informed that this is because the coca plantations are still increasing in the country.

From somewhere must the coca leaf come from to fuel the cartels in Yapacani, said Deputy Minister Felipe Cáceres, which supplies the aircraft departing with drug to Peru, Paraguay, Brazil and Chile, or trucks loaded with coca-paste that are said to go to Argentina, a country now turned to producer and exporter of cocaine.

Any truth commission would have to report that on the doors of some schools in the country there are drug dealers, and a secretary who recently denounced in Santa Cruz was threatened and eventually resigned.

A gigantic truth commission would be born in Bolivia to face this nightmare. And all Bolivians who do not want drugs to be sold at the gates of the schools would have to join the commission.

Sad reality of how Bolivia is changing in the hands of current coca-grower’s top leader who also functions as our president… and intends now to play professional soccer this electoral year… what a pathetic joke and misfortune to our country! The worst ever possible government who seeks an illegitimate re-re-election in the best economic time of our history.

2014-05-18 08.52.52 amThis cartoon is from El Diario, May 18, 2014:

Shows two members of the Bolivian Congress’ Truth and Justice Commission. Both left that committee in a yet to be revealed reasons for their flee.


The following link is also from El Diario, about the EU decision not to help industrialize coca leafs and promote alternative development, and of course, current government’s opposing and demeaning position…

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