Bolivia needs to enforce the law against loggers! Our environment is in great peril!

Marcelo Rivero writes in El Deber:

The law with all its rigor against loggers

El Deber logoLogging at Amboró Park continues, albeit surreptitiously legal prohibitions, which are circumvented and comes into play because the unfortunate corruption to operate the ‘pirates’ timber, which find ways to escape the vigilance of the few and poorly equipped rangers, consummating their onslaught against a natural wealth of inestimable value whose conservation to enjoy the environment is dependent upon humans in Bolivia and beyond our borders.

In early December last reported by El Deber, of the respective agencies operating against predators in the Amboró, falling prey to three individuals who cut the most valuable species and the rarest: the mara [mahogany]. Days later it was the turn of other pirates who were already right there carrying through 330 boards  through rivers at an estimated price ob Bs100,000, but to make furniture that will rise a thousand times. No arrest was made to anyone, loggers guessed it and escaped, nor were detained in the latest operation in San Ramon, where seized another large amount of illegal timber are calculated its value at Bs500,000, a figure that, as in the previous case, is multiplied to become the product on furniture, doors, props, etc.

In the little that is seen in the control of this illegal activity, but the problem exists wherever there is timber. Recall that in Choré and Amboró on the side of the valley, logging is ruthless, sometimes to sell boards for converting other land clearings in which to grow coca … for firewood! The damage increases by adding pollution forest and rivers with so much destruction and waste left by ‘pirates’.

Given the dire consequences that we feel with increasingly rigor, especially with rains and droughts as a result we never had that ‘murdering’ felling, once the authorities must provide rangers far as necessary to fulfill their tasks effectively, also not miss predators and apply the law with all its weight upon sanction.

Having worked in the supervision of the BOLFOR project, I learned that the average of one mara tree to a hectare and a half of pristine forest was lost in the process, the skidder would wonder around the forest until they found the mahogany. Another staggering fact was to find out that a logger with a chain saw in the process of making boards out o f a log lost over 60% of that wood… Had this government had respected and supported the Forestry Superintendency and learned from the BOLFOR project, we would have been better off. Bolivia reached the category of being the first country in the world with managed sustainable natural forest!

Illegality, coca growing, anarchy are the perfect setting to environmental damage of our wildlife. This ochlocracy knows no better than to mine our natural resources, short-term nearsighted political actions to continue to damage irreversibly our environment…

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