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Bolivia’s total lack of authority!

“Republiqueta” is the term used to refer a specific region under the control of the people who were seeking independence from the Realm of Spain, derivates from republic. Manfredo Kempff writes in El Deber:

The “republiquetas” today

Manfredo KempffBecause of the permissiveness and the total lack of authority in Bolivia, there are emerging a series of republics that alarm the population. There are not the republics of the War of Independence, but of the anarchy and crime. They are areas of land where officials go inside with fear or simply not overlook, because they are dominated by mafias who buy awareness and loyalty of the population or, more often, recruited by terror.

Chapare was always a narco-producing republiqueta where police and military that repressed, fell shot dead or fell into booby-traps or simply were stick driven out. Until they took power in 2006 and now the Chapare people would not have to fear anyone. We no longer speak of the Chapare cocaine producer because His Excellency [H.E.] chairs the six federations of coca growers in the area and then would say that we are insulting the head of state. In addition, because the capital of drug trafficking has changed address.

We have Republiquetas in the mines, with cooperative and smuggling at the border where smugglers shot to kill or lynch those who dare to control. If the police want to intervene to restore order in the mines, which usurp private concessions periodically, and know they will be received with dynamite and stones. Drug trafficking, theft and smuggling of mineral reign in Bolivia.

We had said that the capital of drug trafficking has changed address. From Chapare (Cochabamba) was transferred to Yapacani (Santa Cruz) [along the same road that links the three major cities, markets and oceans] according to latest statistics. To the extent that not even they allow to build barracks for drug control in the area. It means that Santa Cruz wins an award one more time in these nefarious assaults, crimes and violations which took the lead, and is to be head of the meanest business known. We heard testimony on a major television show of Santa Cruz in San Germán, 27 kilometers from Yapacani, where 90% of residents are related in one way or another to drug trafficking.

In this recent republiqueta, the police enters with many precautions. The informers are many, there are many infiltrated in the security agencies, the mafias know the day and time that agents act. As a result, when the soldiers fall on a drug factory, find nothing other than useless junk.

Santa Cruz, generating clean wealth, now holds a dirty republiqueta.


Sounds pretty much like Somalia and/or Afghanistan. We must stop this and prevent this anarchic ochlocracy to remain in power, we must vote them out in the coming elections!