Bolivia: the fourth happiest country in the world, according to Instagram!!

Be happy, live and/or visit Bolivia!!

Madeline Stone writes in The Business Insider:

The Happiest Countries In The World, According To Instagram

2014-04-01 07.40.28 amJetpac, a startup known for their social travel guide app, has analyzed more than 150 million Instagram posts in 6,000 worldwide cities to come up with a ranking of the happiest countries on the globe.

Jetpac compiled the rankings by coming up with what they call a “smile score” for each country, a measure determined by analyzing how often residents were smiling in Instagram photos. The bigger the smile, the higher the smile score.

A country’s overall smile score was determined by averaging the scores each photo’s smile received.

Latin American countries dominated the list, with the Philippines as the only top-ten country outside of the Americas. Brazil came in first with a smile score of 60.8 out of a possible 100.

The release of Jetpac’s data coincides with the UN’s International Day of Happiness, which is being celebrated today. [03/20/14]

Here’s the complete ranking [top 122 countries]. Scores are out of 100 points.

1. Brazil 60.8
2. Nicaragua 59.4
3. Colombia 49.8
4. Bolivia 48.1
5. Costa Rica 47.4
6. Honduras 47.2

116. China 12.4
117. Bahrain 11.7
118. Iran 11.7
119. Saudi Arabia 11.6
120. Maldives 9.8
121. Vatican City 9.8
122. Kuwait 9.7
123. South Korea 9.5
124. Japan 4.1

2014-04-01 07.47.38 am


2014-04-01 08.01.05 am

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