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Bolivian gov’s leading to cruel, insane anarchy!

An Editorial from El Diario:

Atrocities of community justice

El Diario logoSince our country ‘s current regime institutionalized some eight years ago what is called “community justice”, there have been dozens of unbelievably horrific murder of individuals who were not subjected to the ordinary courts and then victimized without being recognized any right to defense, presumption of innocence, due trial and other procedures that are used by that have achieved some degree of civilization.

But not only has it been the increasing number of casualties thus penalizing allegedly innocent people, but also those who practice this sinister process have been “perfecting” their methods of vigilante justice, the end use practices with unbelievable ferocity that can scandalized even primitive tribes.

In recent weeks, the press has recorded several cases of the action of the “community justice” system that due to their successive appearance, no longer moves to the authorities and even is viewed with indifference by the population as well as international organizations that once made reviews about it.

Most notable of this crime wave is that they are not only increasing in number, but their methods are increasingly using gruesome, going to a word that is still very generous. Indeed, only last week [early April, 2014] four men were saved from being lynched in Ayopaya and Uyuni, blamed for alleged crimes never proven. The four were going to be killed with sticks and stone and then cooked, doused with gasoline., extremes that the police avoided.

But the most sinister case of lynching occurred in recent days, was reported in the tropical town of Puerto Villarroel 400 kilometers from Cochabamba [coca-growing area]. The procedure to punish two suspects involved in tying their hands and feet, place in bags full of stones, lead to half of the mighty river and throw them into the river, to perish in the most horrible way imaginable.

Produced the dark system of “community justice”, some people denounced the criminal fact, however when the police wanted to investigate, there was a further aggravating act that was to avoid the presence of the authorities, to cover up the crime with silence and prevent sanctions for perpetrators of atrocities of this magnitude and typical primitive regimes. But in our country they were restored by cheap political currents that have legalized, in fact and in law, a system of penalties for societies in which there was no moral or ethics, the existence of the state was unknown, there was the Judiciary or it was in the hands of the powerful chieftain dictating laws, dispensed justice and executed or was executed before his eyes according to the punishments that were more appealing to him.

Finally, it is known that the United Nations attended in previous years the practice of lynching in our country and in their classification confirmed that Bolivia is where most lynchings occur in Latin America. Also, a company called FUNDAR Argentina reported that only between 2002 and 2003, 64 of these crimes were recorded, whose presence forces a fair reaction.


I remember that when my daughters were still living with us, we liked to go to the country side to enjoy a BBQ or just sandwiches and enjoy nature… that is no longer possible under this nightmare that current government has relentlessly fed. Anyone can get robbed and killed, the pretext could be this atrocious lynching… is sum, the government of the coca-growers and populist has done more damage in ALL aspects of our lives than ever before!