Daily Archives: April 4, 2014

Read what current presidential ego [G-77+China] causes to Santa Cruz’ best alameda!

I was outraged when I saw this pictures of the Trompillo airport to the second ring in Santa Cruz de la Sierra!


It is known that current coca-grower leader [first] and then current Bolivia president what likes the most is to procrastinate. When there are turmoil he travels elsewhere, preferably outside our borders, most of the times even without asking proper leave to our Congress.

This time, he was appointed, rotating basis, as the head of the G-77 + China and he in his “infinite wisdom” wanted to host a huge boondoggle and will host this group of irrelevant leaders to our economy to come to Bolivia.

So, many private entrepreneurs in the city which has shown open disdain to his government, are happy because there are public works and of course to host those guests, the airports of Tompillo and Viru Viru need some remodeling and of course to offer them “expedite” ways to come and go.

This picture shows better the beautiful alameda that was there for so many years, it is not only beautiful to see but offers a nice shade to cool the ambience.


Now, the sides are “trimmed” to allow more vehicles to come and go, an airport that has worked with no problem until now…

Look at the way the trees will end up now… too close to the edge, to the cars, and of course whoever thinks the roots go just down straight, is dead wrong!


In sum, just to please his ego, we are destroying one of the best alamedas in country!

If you watch the second picture above, you can also realize that most of our avenues, streets can look like this beautiful alameda; so this is a no-brainer and virtually free! Lampposts should be lowered below the tree foliage and done!!